Unmortgage is a brand new approach to home ownership. By sharing the cost and reducing your deposit, Unmortgage helps you gradually start buying your dream home.

Understanding the problem

Getting a mortgage can be a complex and daunting experience for first-time buyers. On top of saving a 10% deposit, the prospects for a new home are severely limited by household income. Unmortgage helps buyers to get on the property ladder by sharing the cost of the home, and reducing the deposit to 5%.

The concept seems too good to be true, and potential customers agreed. As an unknown brand, operating in the FinTech industry with no government or high street backing, we needed to build trust among our customer base.

Redefining the market

User research played a huge part in understanding how potential customers felt about our service. We aimed to determine our target market, and whether they trusted our message.

Having gathered and analysed our research, we set about defining the interactions our customers would have with our service. We created detailed personas for each of the user groups, and validated them through the research and stakeholder input. This gave us the foundation to begin thinking about the right experiences for our customers.

Next, we indentified our primary goal – build trust with our customers. The research told us that each first-time buyer had their own wants and needs, and their own story to tell. We decided that we needed to create a personal experience for each customer, with the feel of a one-on-one service.

We redesigned the website to support the customer through understanding the service, and deciding if it would benefit them. If they chose to proceed, the onboarding process would check their financial details, and collect all the information it needed to find their dream home.

Once we gathered these details, we brought the customers in to a messaging service. We used this service to maintain a personal, one-on-one relationship with each customer, building trust throughout the purchasing process.


Working with a process-driven mindset, we provided deliverables and updates at all stages, keeping stakeholders informed. We created detailed, research-driven user personas, a robust information architecture, low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity UI designs, and a functional prototype for testing and demonstration.

The initial web-based MVP consisted of an intuitive onboarding process that quickly identified if the customer fitted our financial criteria. It then helped them continue the conversation with our personal concierge experience.