Sabre Insurance

Sabre is one of the most successful insurers in the UK, providing brokers and customers with excellent customer service. The top 10 IPO of 2017, Sabre offer services directly to the public through their Insure 2 Drive, Go Girl and Drive Smart brands.

Understanding the problem

We were tasked with creating a visual language for Sabre Insurance in preparation of their IPO which would be in the top 10 size wise of 2017. The consumer & group website needed to reflect the scale of the business and communicate the journey over the last 18 months. An coherent online experience would be needed to help potential investors have confidences in the brand and company.

Refining the story

We began thinking about a scalable visual language, something that could adapt base on the audience. We knew that the audience for the corporate website would have different expectations from the audience visiting the consumer site. A system of components began to evolve that could adopt a different colour palette, graphical language to fit its environment. This meant we could build a system of elements once and apply a slightly different visual look and feel.

This helped upscale the design and development process and enabled us to create multiple products and websites rapidly. From the IPO website which evolved quickly into the Investor relation website, to a consumer facing insurance website. Over the next 12 months, the system created would enable the new Sabre Insurance visual language to be deployed across a range of products and websites.


We created not only a new visual language for Sabre Insurance but a system that could cater for a range of difference experiences. The first website using this system was the IPO website that offered investors vital information regarding the initial purchase offering. This then evolved into the corporate website.