Pets at Home

Pets at Home is the UK’s leading specialist pet retailer. It provides a comprehensive range of merchandise and services for customers and their pets. With a core belief that pets always come before profit, Pets at Home are acutely aware of their responsibilities to deliver the highest ethical standards for their pets in store, alongside the supply of products and services they provide.

Understanding the problem

We were tasked with creating the third online annual report for Pets at Home. As the site had existed for the previous two annual reports, we had a wealth of data available to us – primarily indicating that the time spent onsite was well above average. This information allowed us to greatly refine our approach.

As a separate business requirement, we also needed to hero its corporate social responsibility and tell its story through an engaging medium. Knowing that users were likely to spend longer onsite than average, we decided to create a two minute animation.

Continuing to grow

Pets at Home’s visual language had been refined to a level of sophistication, but its corporate website had been left behind. We began the process by auditing the site, and determining the inconsistencies and areas for improvement. We highlighted these to stakeholders and obtained their approval.

Once we were clear on what needed to change, we started updating the website in stages. We worked closely with analysts and retail investors (ie the core users) to determine the most important areas of content, and created wireframes of varying fidelity to validate our proposals. Applying the new visual language, we designed a robust report website that met the requirements and feedback of Pets at Home and analysts and investors alike.


By the end of the project, we had delivered a fully responsive online annual report, highlighting the main stories and key financial data of the previous year. The final site provided a top-level overview of the company’s performance, with the additional ability to download PDF sections of the full report. Supported by the insights we gathered from the previous two reports, we brought the annual report in line with the new brand.

We also wrote, designed and animated an engaging video detailing Pets at Home’s CSR efforts. It told the story of the company’s approach to animal welfare and ethical standards in a clear and interesting way, and effectively communicated its core message in two minutes.