Johnson Matthey

Founded in 1817 as assayers to test the purity of precious metals, Johnson Matthey, the FTSE 100 global leader in sustainable technologies, celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2017. We helped to share the company’s celebrations, and to tell its long and storied history.

Understanding the problem

Johnson Matthey is a company with a rich history, and, on its 200th anniversary, we were tasked with communicating its story in an engaging and elegant manner. The brief was to consolidate the company’s achievements and developments over the past 200 years into an impactful animation and book. The book would be distributed with their annual report and shared at events and online, and would also showcase the recent company rebrand.

Celebrating 200 years of inspiring science

We began by working closely with stakeholders at Johnson Matthey to develop a storyboard for the animation. With a long history such as this, we had a lot of ground to cover. We went through several editing phases before arriving at a comprehensive storyboard, forming the basis with the rest of the project to come.

Once the storyboard was agreed upon, we worked to define the stylistic approach of the animation and the book. I created conceptual drawings to illustrate a number of visual avenues we could explore, and presented them to the team members at Johnson Matthey. We experimented with a number of different concepts before settling on the final direction.

Taking the finalised stylistic approach, we applied the script and visuals to the storyboard and created an engaging and interesting animation. We used the same visual styling to inform the book design, and created a timeline of events since the company’s inception.


Taking the viewer on a journey through six time periods, the final animation emphasised how Johnson Matthey has always been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs, finding ways to make life cleaner, healthier and more efficient. It was translated into multiple languages and distributed across the company’s global websites. We also showcased the final animation to shareholders, investors, analysts and board members at the company’s AGM.

The accompanying book was combined with the company’s annual report, and distributed to a wide audience as well.