BAE Systems

BAE Systems specialises in advanced defence technology aimed at protecting people and national security, and keeping critical information and infrastructure secure. It needed digital presentation to match its own technological advancement.

Understanding the problem

As one of the defining events of the aerospace calendar, the Farnborough International Airshow offers the unique opportunity for companies to display their products, services, training and technology to the world. BAE Systems needed to have prominent presence at the show.

We were tasked with creating an audio-visual presentation that reflected BAE System’s advanced products and services. It needed to leave the world of PowerPoint behind, and demonstrate the company’s technology-driven capabilities to a forward-thinking audience.

Presenting the future

Working closely with futurist professors and communication specialists at BAE, we determined the key features and concepts that needed to be in the presentation. We defined a storyboard encompassing a context-building introductory video and entry points into a series of detailed interactive presentations based on five themes.

Once the storyboard was created, I set to work on the conceptual drawing that would define the visuals for the presentation. I worked with a commission illustrator to develop the concept further and created the cinematic composition in photoshop. Finally, I took the composition into Adobe After Effects to complete the animation process.


Working with advanced projection techniques, we displayed the final presentation onto a 7m glass wall in the ‘Future Technology’ area of the airshow. We were able to bring BAE's understanding of their clients' future problems to life, and demonstrate how their technology enables customers to stay ahead.